Radhika Kothari

Senior Research Associate Radhika Kothari

Radhika is a Psychology Graduate from Mumbai, India. She is a Behavioural Science Lead at Sova Health, a precision nutrition healthcare company.

With a background in psychology, she draws on insights from cognitive & decision sciences, social psychology and behavioural science to curate behavioural solutions that shape user experience.

She has been associated with Social Psychology Labs as a research assistant at Universities: North Western University, University of Virginia, Humboldt State University and the Ohio State University.

She has also published research in Social Psychology on the topic of Compliance and Fear of missing out.

Recent Work

R. Kothari & S. Buhariwaka (2020). Maximization, regret, and social comparison as predictors for fear of missing out. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 8(2), 811-817. DIP:18.01.097/20200802, DOI:10.25215/0802.097

Kothari R. (2021). Correlates of Compliance With COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines: Risk Propensity, Locus of Control, Intolerance of Uncertainty. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 9(2), 547-554. DIP:, DOI:10.25215.0902.057