Join the Lab

Thanks for your interest in joining the Social Identity Lab!

Prospective Research Assistants

Research assistants (RA’s) are crucial to the success of our lab and can contribute to many aspects of the research process. RA’s can contribute by assisting with study design, data collection, data entry, literature searches, contribution to conference presentations. Our lab accommodates RA’s schedules with all levels of time commitments. It is possible to receive units for being an RA, which holds a required weekly time commitment of 2 hours per 1 unit.

Please contact Dr. Gaffney ( to schedule a meeting to discuss joining the lab.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Psychology major

  • 2-semester commitment

  • Interest in Social Psychology

  • Ability to work independently & work well with others

Prospective Graduate Students

Graduate students are individuals with research aspirations and designs of their own! In the lab, they create and manage research projects as well as help with the research work of more senior leaders, including more advanced graduate students and those of the principle and co-investigators. If you're interested in becoming a graduate student with the lab:

  • Read Dr. Gaffney’s recent publications and ensure that her research interests match your own.

  • Check the Cal Poly Humboldt Psychology department website for the admissions process and requirements.

  • Email Dr. Gaffney ( to confirm that she is accepting students.