Jaz Mendez

Jaz Mendez

Jaz Mendez is a graduate student in the Academic Research Master's program in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology 

Thesis Supervisor: Amber Gaffney

Jaz’s interests include social identity, intergroup relations, and political issues. Jaz integrates these interests in her thesis by examining how criticism of not just the individual, but a group’s leader, might influence individuals’ perception of their social identity and responses to intergroup relations. Jaz is currently working with underrepresented communities with an understanding of social identities impact within socio-political systems.

Recent Work

Mendez, J., Griffith, Z., Newman, A., Sherburne, B., & Gaffney, A. M. (2020, February). The role of uncertainty and efficacy in schism potential. Poster presented at the Society for the Personality and Social Psychology Conference, New Orleans, LA.