Affiliated Research Labs

Group Processes and Intergroup Relations Preconference at SPSP, 2024

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Led by Dr. David Rast III, the Group Processes and Leadership lab at the University of Alberta focuses on social and psychological processes within and between groups, especially as it relates to leadership. They further explore the impact of group membership on individual cognitions, attitudes, and behaviors and how they interact with group leadership. 

The Social Identity Lab at Claremont is directed by Dr. Michael Hogg and serves as a central hub for Social Identity research on intergroup relations, self-concept, and group processes. Self-uncertainty, identity, and intergroup contexts are just a few of the topics this lab covers through the applied research of Social Identity Theory. 

Through the use of Social Psychology theory and research, William D. Crano's lab aims to improve health outcomes for patients by looking for means of enhancing health (for example reducing anxiety) and preventing avoidable issues (such as substance misuse). They focus on Social Psychology pathways for prevention and the promotion of healthy behaviors and hope to improve health outcomes for patients through the use of applied research. 

The Social Identity Theory and Health lab at Texas Tech University focuses on applied research relating to health from a Social Identity perspective and is led by Dr. Zachary Hohman. This lab looks at influence processes within and between groups, self uncertainty, self concept and intergroup contexts. They investigate health behaviors through the combined lenses of intergroup relations and social influence with the hope of improving health outcomes.

Dr. Blanchard investigates online and face-to-face organizations and communities. She is the head of VICE or Virtual Identity, Community, and Entitativity Lab at UNC, which uses interdisciplinary lenses to investigate individuals perceptions of groups and communities, both online and offline. Through organizational psychology, social psychology, sociology, computing and management the VICE lab investigates entitativity in digital and in-person groups.

IWAH, or Identification With All of Humanity, is an international research team that investigates the psychological and social impact of a global identification with humanity. This team of people from around the world work to investigate, share, and apply knowledge of identification with all of humanity in the hopes of increasing a shared sense of global community, reducing prejudice, and ultimately improving the human condition.