Dennis Estrada

Dennis Estrada

Dennis is currently a PhD student at the University of Santa Cruz


Supporting Extremist Governments: The Result of Uncertainty?

Research Interests

Currently, my research interests focus on uncertainty, social identity, prejudice, and social and political issues. Given the current socio-political climate, I am interested in the researching the rise of extremist groups such as the Alt-Right, as well as the resurgence of old extremist groups such as the KKK. I have a passion for social change and would love to apply my future work to combating extremism and extremist groups.

Recent Work

Souter, S., Beaulieu, J., Estrada, D.A., & Gaffney, A.M. (2020, September). Uncertainty reduction: From benign reassurance to violence endorsement.. Oral presentation at the 2020 meeting of Western Psychological Association, San Francisco, CA.