Our Lab in Action

The gang, past and present, SPSP 2022

Joseph, Crane, and Jordan, GPIR Pre conference, 2022

Berkeley collecting data at the 2016 Republican National Convention

Scholarly Jaz

Jacob Crocker, WPA 2022

Vader at the beach!

Jackie, Andie, Jacob, & Benny WPA 2023

David Rast, Amber Gaffney, & Zach Hohman

Amber, Olivia, & Lily

Ben Skillman, IdeaFest

Jordan & Jacob celebrating 2023 grad

Zenna Evans 

David Rast, Amber Gaffney, & Mike Hogg

Zenna, Cozy, & Grace 

SI Lab 2023 Grads!

Cozy, Dr. Pinto, & Catie, Arcata, 2024

Max, Grace, Cozy, Nathan, & Alice, SPSP 2024

Benny, GPIR Pre-confernce, SPSP 2024