Graduate Students and Research Assistants

Adrian Lopez 

Leadership, Group Entitativity, Uncertainty, Rhetoric, Intergroup relations 

Andie Wilson 

Uncertainty, Human-Animal relations, Identification with all of Humanity, Dehumanization 

Zoë Royer 

Uncertainty-Identity, Social Neuroscience

Cozy Hunter

Ostracism, Extremism, Polarization, Populism

Grace Belt 

Intergroup Relations, Minority Influence, Collective Action

James Robinson 

Social Identity, Extremism, Message Processing

Jesse Pike 

Social Identity, Music, Minority Influence

Jordan McDowell 

Appropriation, Minority Influence, Prejudice, Black Psychology

Joseph Pang 

Intergroup Relations, Higher Education, Social Identity

Zoe Burg 

Prejudice, Ableism

Chad Hinojosa 

Intergroup Hostility, Group & Attitude Formation, Consequences of Politicized Identities

Research Assistants

Radhika Kothari
Diana Olivan
Santos Beltran
Nathan Boone
Melissa Torres Escalante
Sofia Gutierrez

Alice Zhang

Andrew Greely

Miranda Connely

Salem McNeal

Francesca Messina