Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez

Adrian Lopez is a is a second year graduate student in the Academic Research Masters program in Psychology with an emphasis in Social Psychology. 

Thesis: Streamers and Their Influence on Group Identification  
Thesis Supervisor: Amber Gaffney

He is interested in social identity and social comparison processes in the gaming community and in other areas of entertainment. He is also interested in finding ways to increase cooperation and understanding between groups. He plans on working using his findings and knowledge of social identity and group processes in an applied manner to help lessen hostile in-group vs out-group mentalities. 

Recent Work

Estrada, D., Neely, A., Carter, H., Lopez, A., Hackett J. D., & Gaffney, A. M. (2020, February).Follow or Fight: The Influence of group norms on leader support and collective action..Poster session at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA.