Social Identity Lab 

at Cal Poly Humboldt


The Cal Poly Humboldt Social Identity Lab (SI Lab) researches the social identity and self-categorization processes which underlie social and political attitudes and behavior. We examine a range of intra and intergroup processes involved in social influence and intergroup relations, including minority influence, extremism, trends toward populism, and support for non-traditional and even authoritarian leadership. All research is based in Social Psychology and led by Amber Gaffney, PhD and Co-Investigator Stephanie Souter, MA. A cohort of dedicated grad students, research assistants, and numerous alumni keep the research strong and growing in future-focused directions.

See the latest research from our lab and get a feel for what we do and who we work with.

Our lab gatherings involve a mix of conference attendance, outdoor socialization, and dogs!

Our lab is composed of a variety of researchers with a wide range of research interests. Meet the people behind the science and see who shapes our growth. 

Amber (center) and graduate students (Left to right: Jordan, Crane, Zoe, Joseph R., Alicia, Jacob, and Joseph P.) pose during a break at SPSP conference